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Nine While Nine Author Announces Immersive Book Box Experience...

Mythos & Allegory Parcel Guild

Raconteurs of Tales You Can Touch

Curators of Immersive Book Experiences

It’s been an amazing year! First my novel Nine While Ninewas published by Parliament House in July, and now a project I first began a few years ago is coming to realization.

Mythos & Allegory Parcel Guild is nearly ready to launch their Immersive Experience Book Box sets!

What is an Immersive Experience Book Box?

It is a one-off book box—not a monthly subscription—an innovative venture that is designed to pull the reader further into the sensory experience of the story with sounds, scents, tastes, and objects of interest from within the story. Our goal is to provide a library of fantastical and strange immersive escapes by collecting works within a wide range of fantasy, all with a leaning towards the strange, dark, and mysterious.

The music is an integral part of the immersive experience and will be carefully chosen for each book offered. The other items that go along in the box are all made by artisans that are some of the best at their craft. Every item included in the book box will be specifically designed after items and sensory experiences within the books. For example: body oils, incense, candles, teas, edibles, art cards, and baubles and oddities of all sorts ranging from wearables to collectibles for your shelves.

When I write, music is playing 90% of the time, it leads my pen, inspires the scene within my mind to make its way to the page. After an extensive poll, we discovered that other writers do the same, and that the readers want the music. So, we want to introduce our readers to the music that inspires the writing, that pulls the reader further into the journey and the world within the books. The soundtrack!

Currently, we have three music artists signed on that I’m just so over-the-moon about, and several in negotiations. Once the ink has dried, all collaborators will be revealed on our website.

I’m having the hardest time not letting the cat out of the bag, but I did just receive the ‘thumbs-up’—only moments ago while typing this post up—from two of them to reveal their inclusion! I’m so absolutely thrilled to announce that the music of Lycia and Tara Vanflower will be among the first to grace our premiere soundtrack. AND Riccardo Boccanegra, of Pandora Black and Seven Shadows, has signed on not only to give us some of his pre-existing songs, BUT he is composing music for it as well!

In addition to that excitement, we have just found the book for our second box release! Violent Violet by Tara Vanflower!

The first Immersive Experience Book Box will be released in October and we are hoping to be ready to launch Pre-Orders by the end of this month.

Mythos & Allegory Parcel Guild is a company with a tenacious heart to see this project through to an artfully bright future. With the right people onboard, we know this can sky-rocket into something wide-spread and wonderful for everyone involved.

The buzz has already begun. I hope you'll join us!

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