Alice J. Black's Favorite Heroines in Fiction

LAST WEEK, author Alice J. Black released her FIFTH book (including the prequel) in her Soul Seekers Series, Dead Drunk! If you haven't gotten the chance to begin on this fantastically-spooky adventure, start with The Leak of Madness...

You should download it now... it's FREE!

TODAY, Alice stops by our blog for a fun discussion:

ALICE: So while you’re waiting for Dead Drunk to download (not that it should take too long) I thought I would write about my favourite heroines of fiction. Peyton Blaine, the main character in the Soul Seekers series, is a flawed woman but I think that’s why she seems so much stronger to me; she’s had to fight to get to where she is (and has to keep on battling forward) and yet she still does. To me, that is the epitome of a strong woman. Here are some of my other favourites in fiction.