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COVER REVEAL: The Empire Saga Companion Novellas

We hope all of our Parliament People are enjoying a fabulous October with crisp air, changing leaves, and of course, lots and lots of spooky, new reads!

Today, we have a *COVER REVEAL* for you--not just one, but TWO first-looks at novellas by M. Dalto, author of the upcoming novel TWO THOUSAND YEARS, the first book in The Empire Saga!

Check out this gloriously gorgeous companion novellas, releasing in 2019!

After being banished for questioning his own Fate, Reylor spent his years alone beyond the Borderlands, biding his time and honing his skills until the perfect moment to reclaim what he believed was his - the Empress. Through treachery and deceit, he clawed his way back into the Prophecy that all but abandoned him... but he didn't achieve it alone. With the help of allies new and known, the former Lord Steward will stop at nothing to see to it that both the Empress, and the Empire, remain by his side once and for all.

Treyan lived his life bound by duty and honor, believing his future as told by the Prophecy of Fire and Light. Even after he found his Empress, he felt he was doing as he was foretold and in the best interest for the Empire. But when his own brother threatens to ruin all he holds dear, Treyan discovers it's love, and not duty or honor, that drives him to question everything he once knew.

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