New Year, New Dreams: Crystal Magic

The New Year looms upon us, bringing about a season of fresh pickings, new beginnings, and opportunities to cultivate growth in our lives—whatever this may look like for you. In January, we proudly celebrate the releases of Sarah Lampkin’s To Dream Is to Die (January 8th), and Amber R. Duell’s Dream Keeper (January 29th). Both spellbinding tales center around a hauntingly similar topic, and it's for this reason that The Parliament House is celebrating with a New Year, and New Dreams theme.

All over the world, dreams are perceived differently. For some they are simple anomalies that occur in sleep. For others, dreams are far more than folly—a crystal ball into the human psyche.

Although we cannot control precisely what goes on in our nighttime ventures between the realms of consciousness and naught, there are ways we can protect ourselves from unwanted nightmares—and perhaps otherworldly beings that go bump in the night.