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Good evening, Parliament Monsters!

We start the new year with a Super Wolf Blood Moon—a total lunar eclipse visible to North and South America. The main event is estimated to occur Monday, January 21st at 12:16 a.m. EST. In the days preceding and following the eclipse, the moon will appear much more full.

Not nearly as ominous as it sounds, the first full moon of the year was known to draw out hungry wolves. The creatures would emerge from the woods to howl on the outskirts of villages, according to farmer's folklore.

The moon has always symbolized an ethereal kind of magic. Moonlight itself seems to have a peculiar effect on us all—ask any physician or floor nurse and they’ll tell you the mysterious cases they see on the eves of a full moon. If its phases control the tide and we’re made of 70% water, then surely, it has a power over us as well.

You don’t need a fancy harvest ritual or be an expert spell-caster to claim it’s energy like our ancestors before us. You can easily utilize the full moon’s presence around the house. This month, try to reorganize your thoughts and reset intentions. Invoke inner harmony and focus on rejuvenation. Add herbal blessings to your tidying regimen or kitchen concoctions. Or at the very least... Recharge your crystals, Witch!

On the night of a full moon—especially one doubling up as a significant lunar eclipse—we should be guarded to prevent the influx of passing universal energies from disrupting our own. After supper, I plan to set all my crystals out on our windowsills, and then unwind in bed with a great tale. This allows me to feel the ebb and flow of inevitable lunar emotion, without driving everyone else around me insane.

I mean, even more insane.

Here are a few of our magical titles that could accompany you this lunar eclipse, and the crystals that we think best represent them!

Smoky Quartz

+ Aids in soul-searching

+ Helps stabilize work life

+ Protects one's conscious


+ Encourages romantic bond with your soulmate

+ Historically used as an amulet to protect infants and toddlers

+ Helps improve self-reliance

Clear Quartz

+ Helps build strong interpersonal relationships

+ Draws out the determination and resolve of owner

+ Promotes mental growth


+ Clarifies the true intent of others

+ Eliminates anxieties about the future

+ Helps release what is in your heart


+ Facilitates communication

+ Encourages calm judgement

+ Helps process trauma


+ Induces strong intuition

+ Helps you turns "daydream" aspirations into reality

+ Ward off negative energies and unwanted attention

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