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Archetype & Alchemy: A Tarot Reading for Aldor

Happy Wednesday!

Today we present you yet another bewitching blog post, this week in the form of Tarot cards. Over centuries, the mystical deck has morphed from early playing card beginnings in France and Italy, into one of today's most powerful tools used in Divination.

The Tarot consists of two main parts: the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, and 56 of the Minor Arcana. While the Minor Arcana focuses on everyday choices and decisions that one is presented, the Major Arcana--perhaps the most important and recognizable of the Tarot deck--gives information on a person's archetype, or overall character.

These beautifully painted cards have long been rumored to hold future-telling abilities. It is my own understanding that, while this may true, the Tarot is most useful in telling a person (or creature) about the inner workings of her or himself. It can help clarify the meanings of our past, present, and future, and how we can better grasp our own realities with courage and hope moving forward.

Alas, the answers we seek are within. The Tarot simply helps us discover them.

Today, I did a three-card spread for Aldor, the brave young hero in author Casey M. Millette's Cursed: The Hunter Within.

The Major Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

At twenty years-old, Aldor has lived more than half his life in the forest, and doing so has taken a great toll on him. He only has one friend, Prince Jon of Eldoran, and now that they've both entered manhood, Jon begins his own career and leaves Aldor behind as a mere figment of the past. Upon leaving his home in the woods, Aldor sets off on a quest to forge his own friendships and allies.

At the tip of the spread, the Wheel of Fortune emphasizes the subject's ability to remain stable in the winds of change. The Wheel is always churning whether we like it or not, and drawing this card shows an archetype of substantial, positive transition. Change is coming, and it's unstoppable. By forming his own resolve, Aldor buckles down for the adventures the tides may bring. Likewise, we can either fight the currents--or enjoy the ride bringing us closer to our life purpose!

The Minor Arcana:

The Past: Five of Cups

On the Five of Cups card, a lone mare sadly hangs her head below a structure of five chalices. This card sits to the far left, and represents Aldor's past. In his past, we see grief and disappointment... a sign that the course of action he chose to bring him to the present, was a step in the right direction. Aldor grew up without his parents, and had to play both caretaker and adoptive from a very young age. Leaving his situation eventually proves beneficial--in more ways than he expected.

The Present: The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords shows a sleepy fox, curled up with one eye open, as if to watch for lurking predators. This card sits in the center, and represents some form of deception in Aldor's life--a secret that he is either the keeper-of, or the kept-from. Given the nature of his lonely beginnings, it is no surprise that trust never came easy for Aldor! In his youth, he'd lost his father, Rowan, to a ruthless outlaw. Rowan was supposedly one of the greatest warriors who ever lived, but was he really everything the rumors claimed?

The Future: The Eight of Pentacles

Bringing the spread full circle, the Eight of Pentacles on the far right shows a dedicated spider reveling in the mastery of her intricate web. This card shows a great future of honing one's skill and craftsmanship--with hard work, of course. When he put his mind to it, Aldor remained steadfast in branching out into his own forest network and making something of his life. He did what he needed to do, ignoring any distractions and outside influences that came his way.

Being the last card, I think we can all look forward to an Eight of Pentacles future! How can you drown out that negative inner voice of self-doubt to create the meaningful life you want? What skills should you hone in on, and which should you set aside for later? Keep on keeping on, apply that elbow grease (or faerie dust), and know that you are absolutely meant to do what you love.


The enchanting deck that I hold near and dear to my heart is called the The Wild Unknown, illustrated and crafted by Kim Krans.

It has gotten me through the worst and best times, and is strife with complex line art drawings and intense pops of color. There are many different Tarot decks out there, and if you are ever curious in the curios of innocent fortune telling, my advice is to go with one that you feel in your soul.


Be sure to check out Cursed: The Hunger Within, and more adventurous, fantastical fiction, over at The Parliament House!

Have an enthralling evening, Parliament Monsters.

xo, The Attic Witch

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