Deeper Into Dreams: Blinding Night

Good afternoon, Parliament Monsters,

We're almost to February! Isn't it astounding how quickly the days have passed? Of course, we can't end our dream-themed month of January without posting about Morpheus. The Greek god of dreams himself, Morpheus was said to have the ability to create and transform dreams, through which he would communicate with mortals.

Bestselling author Chantal Gadoury featured Morpheus in her Autumn release, Blinding Night. Here is a swoon-worthy excerpt, courtesy of Chantal!

“I’m Morpheus.” He flexed his shoulders, exposing a pair of large, black wings behind him.

Morpheus. I knew that name.

“And you’re...?” He slid his hand against the wall, leaning over me with a charismatic grin. It reminded me of a clip I had seen once on