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Season of Love: Zodiac Forecast, Aquarius - Aries

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Everyone get your telescopes out--it's Aquarius season now.

This month, if you share the sign of the intellectual and avante-garde Water Bender, you can find yourself at a romantic crossroad. This might come after an especially tumultuous year in 2018. You might've seen one of these "forks in the road" coming, while the other takes you totally off guard. Just remember, any conscious and meditated-on decision is the right choice; the only "wrong" pathway to take would be to refuse to choose one at all.

You want to be careful about remaining stagnant, as 2019 is a huge year for transition and personal-spiritual growth. Say Bon Voyage to that comfort zone! Bigger and better come your way.

The Attic Witch's Aquarius Suggestion:

If you are single, chances are you've been feeling cute lately. Don't turn bashful now; take this time to do something fun and different. Don't spend the night alone! Go out with family or friends, and hit the town. Check out the new bar on Main, or go to the movies wearing a bold lip and the new outfit you've been mulling over. Let loose. You never know who's attention it'll stir...

If you are in a relationship, you have been fearing a short plateau in your love life. Chances are, daily life has merely been impeding on the spontaneity you once started off with. It happens, and it is natural! Nothing is wrong, nothing to fear. Take this Valentines' Day as a reminder to make it an effort to spend quality time, as opposed to a quantity of time--not just today or this month, but all the time. Sprinkle your surprises throughout the year, and don't be afraid to bring this idea up to your partner. It's likely they'll feel the same way! Be spontaneous tonight. Do something super sexy that makes both of you feel loved, wanted, and fired up!

Pisces: February 19 - March 20

February prompts the ever-swimming Pisces to take a breather and let it all out. Right now, sultry Venus is in transition to Pisces. That means there will be an abundance of passionate energy floating around for the last zodiac sign.

But not all is perfect under the sea. This month, you might be plagued by worries as you struggle to balance career, home, and relationship aspects of life, both romantic and platonic. Remember, while it is true--only your time and effort can grow the seeds you first planted--however, in this season, your concerns are most likely unfounded and merely part of your tendency to get lost while overthinking. Deepen your relationship by encouraging open communication, trusting that your natural charm and subconscious need to heal the planet are more than enough to captivate the one you love.

Use Venus' energy to redirect your energy to boosting your own confidence. When you are in your zone, abstract and ethereal as you were made to be... You are absolutely breathtaking, Miss Mermaid.

The Attic Witch's Pisces Suggestion:

If you are single, I suggest spending this month loving you. Not necessarily alone, but you spend so much time fretting over the impact you have on others' lives (due to your empathetic, extremely sensitive nature)... You deserve to spoil yourself, too. Love thy self. The spirits inquire, have you been sleeping well? Eating well? Have you been drinking water and treating yourself once in a while? At the end of the day, no one can do that but you!

If you are in a relationship, know that the month of love brings on a passionate energy that radiates partnership. The moon dances with the sun on opposite ends of the solar spectrum around the 18th of February. Get ready to cultivate new experiences with your love, and set concerns aside. Go out to your favorite restaurant, then head home to play your favorite board games or read a chapter from your most cherished books to each other. Stick to what you know, leaving surprises for later on... But in that sense, you'll be bringing back a feeling of comfortable familiarity to both of your busy lives.

Aries: March 21 - April 19

Most often, the constellation Ram, Aries, is bent on getting things done as soon as possible and in the precise ways she sees fit. This season, however, things have slowed down a bit--to your honest displeasure. Mars is your power planet, and right on the fourteenth of February, it comes into juxtaposition with the more practical, very fixed Taurus. This might cast a shadow of negativity upon your romantic outlook, but don't let it! It's just the stars, or so they say. In addition, while this planet may quell your usual hard-headedness, Mars also makes you more attractive to everyone else. Get to the heart of what might be blocking you before you proceed with a prospective romance. This is important if you are pursuing a solid and lasting foundation with a future partner; however, if that's not the case and you just want a good "romp in the hay," power planet Mars brings a solar storm of emotions, encouraging you to go full steam ahead!

The Attic Witch's Aries Suggestion:

If you're single, spend this month trying to temper your ways and be consciously as helpful as possible to a friend who is going through a lonely season. Is there such a thing as being too intense? Yes. It's not a bad thing, but your change in attitude and subtle kindness in your friendships could draw some positive attention your way.

Being a ram, it's okay to be a little reckless. If you're in a relationship, especially if it's been years, the energies of communication are eagerly on your side this month. They urge you to do something daring, if you will. Shock your boo by sending steamy photos, texts, or emails. Slide in those DMs.


In the coming weeks, we will cover all of the zodiac signs' love prospects for 2019! Stay tuned for Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer on the Friday after next, February 22nd.

Until then, happy lovin', Parliament Readers. Stay smitten. And by the moon, love thy self.


The Attic Witch

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