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Month of Charms: Valentine's Day

Hey Parliament Monsters,

Love is thick in the air these days, and we want to celebrate this Month of Charms with you! This week, the Attic Witch has teamed up with a handful of our authors to see what some of their most beloved main characters would be gifting his or her significant other.

Two Thousand Years (The Empire Saga, #1), by M. Dalto

"Treyan of Two Thousand Years would gift Alex a simple cup of coffee if he could devise a way to bring it to the Empire. The Empireborn have yet to discover was to grow or procure anything close to the euphoria of the aromatic caffeinated beverage, but for the two of them it has more meaning than merely a morning ritual. Coffee is what brought them together, even before Alex realized she was meant to become the Queen Empress. Who would have thought a mere Starbucks barista would cross paths with her predestined soulmate by serving him an espresso?"

- M. Dalto


On Valentine's Day, August would gift Garnet a shirt that she wants to wear every damn day:

Meanwhile, Garnet would have a similar idea and buys this one for August:

Mitya would give Lyosha a new Polaroid camera to document their adventures--in cobalt blue to match his eyes, because he's an old-school romantic. Lyosha primarily uses the camera to document the ridiculous faces Mitya makes while he's sleeping.

Lyosha would gift Mitya an Esoteric Princess Writing Journal from Parliament House to write all his folklore knowledge down before he forgets. Eventually, Mitya's writing starts to form the basis of a novel which becomes a bestseller, outranking Garnet and August who are only slightly irritated at this development.


"Bray would bake Wes a blueberry pie for Valentine’s Day, because in Clouded by Envy there just may possibly be a pie baking scene between them! Plus, it’s his favorite pie!"

- Candace Robinson


"From Allerleirauh, Prince Klaus would give Aurelia a dress made of ordinary cloths, so that she could go out and ride her horse to their secret cottage, or collect winter flowers from the garden. He'd also surprise her with a warm bowl of stew that he would have tried to cook himself, a waltz in the hall, and a night of reading from their favorite book of poetry."

- Chantal Gadoury


"From Between the Sea and Stars, Soren would give Lena a bracelet made of tiny shells he had collected when they were together, starting from the first day at the beach."You once told me shells collected memories," he'd say. "These are my favorite memories. Ones I spent with you."

- Chantal Gadoury


"From Blinding Night, Darce would surprise Summer with a promise of going up to her world, to do some sightseeing for Valentine's Day. "I don't get to meet Cupid?" Summer would tease, and Darce would roll his eyes. After enjoying the normalcy of window-shopping and eating a meal or two, Darce would check them into his fancy hotel in Athens. To Summer's surprise, she'd find a bed covered in rose petals, and a hot bath with beautiful aromas of different florals. Once she wasn't paying attention, Darce would sneakily place a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the handle. . ."

- Chantal Gadoury


"From WinterDream, Anton would meet with the cook in the kitchens and set to work on making the best chocolates in all of WinterDream for his Clara. Clara would go to the gardens and collect Anton's favorite flowers and decorate the palace with them. At lunch, they would meet each other in the library and exchange gifts - a new suit of silver and white for Anton, and a delicate, opal crown for Clara - and the day would end with a romantic sleigh ride through the Sugarland Forest."

- Chantal Gadoury


The Weaver (Weaver Trilogy, #1), by Heather Kindt

William would gift Laney a clockcase necklace that belonged to his mother.

Laney would give William a journal to encourage him to write more. Of course, it would be an antique style...

The Weaver is set to be released with The Parliament House Press in late Summer of 2019.


Alex McKenna would buy Margaret cannolis, from Buttercooky Bakery in Floral Park, N.Y. where they live.

Alex McKenna & The Geranium Deaths is slated for a Fall 2019 release date with The Parliament House Press.


We here at The Parliament House Press wish you and your beloved or betrothed a wonderful Valentine's Day, and Month of Charms! Be sure to follow our Instagram if you aren't already, for our #TPHMonthofCharms photo challenge.

Happy lovin'.


The Attic Witch

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