Month of Charms: Valentine's Day

Hey Parliament Monsters,

Love is thick in the air these days, and we want to celebrate this Month of Charms with you! This week, the Attic Witch has teamed up with a handful of our authors to see what some of their most beloved main characters would be gifting his or her significant other.

Two Thousand Years (The Empire Saga, #1), by M. Dalto

"Treyan of Two Thousand Years would gift Alex a simple cup of coffee if he could devise a way to bring it to the Empire. The Empireborn have yet to discover was to grow or procure anything close to the euphoria of the aromatic caffeinated beverage, but for the two of them it has more meaning than merely a morning ritual. Coffee is what brought them together, even before Alex realized she was meant to become the Queen Empress. Who would have thought a mere Starbucks barista would cross paths with her predestined soulmate by serving him an espresso?"

- M. Dalto