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Season of Love: Zodiac Forecast, Taurus—Cancer

Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Like it has for a handful of signs, late January's lunar eclipse might've thrown you into a slight tailspin. If you've found yourself at a crossroads this February, chances are this issue isn't related directly to romance. The cards indicate that you're instead torn between aspects of your personal and professional lives. Or, maybe you're struggling with matters of the head and heart. Either way, there's good news: although you will see your emotions regarding these issues come to a crux at the end of February, they will trickle off into the first week of March.

The Attic Witch's Taurus Suggestion:

On the week of February 18, Chiron, the comet known as "The Wounded Healer," enters Aries. Previously, Chiron was in Pisces, having those under the Taurus sign place focus on the issues and angst of friends and family. It's been that way since 2011, believe it or not. So this is a huge change! You're now shifting into a season where you'll want to take your own problems off the back burner by focusing your healing and practical energies on yourself.

If you are seeking a relationship in this season, it is now time to cast a line out. Don't let doubt rule your head; make an eHarmony profile, or let some friends take you out for a fun night of trivia, or dancing.

If you are already in a relationship, those Taurus horns might've been in use lately. You seem to lack patience and tact with your other half, or it might be the other way around. No worries—all is well. We all know that love stories aren't all flowers and butterflies, after all. Regardless of whose fault it is, don't continue to add to the tension. Instead, mindfully encourage relaxation and ease to flourish between the two of you. Bring it back to basics; all that glitters isn't gold, but at the same time, not all bumps in the road are travesties. It's all good. Go on a casual stroll, or order takeaway and sit down to an old movie you both enjoy.

Gemini: May 21 - June 20

The cards and stars are pretty adamant with this one... If there's one sign with a surefire lucky streak this season of love, it is the sign of the Twins. 2019 just might be one of the most significant years of your love life! So this is what's going on. Jupiter, which is the planet harbinger of luck and abundance, has dropped into your 7th House of Relationships & Commitment for the first time in a decade.

The Attic Witch's Gemini Suggestion:

Jupiter opens up your capacity for relating strongly to others in general. In this planetary alignment, which lasts up to early December 2019, your friendships as well as potential relationships will flourish. And since Jupiter is also stronger in his own sign of Sagittarius right now, know that your possibility for striking a deal in love is increased tenfold.

If you're already dating someone, engaged, or married, there's a huge step in progression coming. If you're courting, an engagement could pop up. If you're married, you might break through any stagnant barriers and rekindle your flames.

If you are single during this period, simply be open-minded to the world and those around you. This is the year you might meet your Prince Charming—a potential marriage partner or a very long-term relationship. Hang in there, and keep your eyes and soul peeled.

Cancer: June 21 - July 19

This month, Saturn continues it's long-term transit into your partnership alignment. This transit will last until mid-2020, so any relationship begun in this season will be a slow-burning flame. However, this doesn't mean anything negative or uneventful. Your special friendship can blossom into the most beautiful form of solid commitment this way.

The Attic Witch's Cancer Suggestion:

Jupiter will be moving through your career and well-being sectors this month, so we encourage you to focus more energy on your work, hobbies, and physical and mental health in 2019. Your needs for independence and partnership will teeter back and forth this year; the stars and cards indicate it would be prudent for you to concentrate on your independence and self-care.

However, this does not mean to nix any ideas of getting into a relationship by any means. All the universe is saying is that, by focusing on your interpersonal goals and discovering independence, it will build the inner peace needed to forego any strong and lasting relationship.


In the coming weeks, we will cover all of the zodiac signs' love prospects for 2019! Stay tuned for Leo, Virgo, and Libra on the Friday after next, March 8th.

Stay smitten. And by the moon, love thyself.


The Attic Witch

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