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Treyan's Promise by M. Dalto: Release Day!

Today, we've got even more from The Empire Saga for you by bestselling author, M. Dalto!

She's back once more with another new novella from her Two Thousand Years universe! TREYAN'S PROMISE is here!!!

Happy release day to M. Dalto!!!

We should start off our celebration by mentioning that Treyan's Promise became a bestseller in Amazon's "Short Reads" when we first announced it's pre-order along with the first novella, Reylor's Lament several weeks ago and again today:

Treyan lived his life bound by duty and honor, believing his future as told by the Prophecy of Fire and Light. Even after he found his Empress, he felt he was doing as he was foretold and in the best interest for the Empire. But when his own brother threatens to ruin all he holds dear, Treyan discovers it's love, and not duty or honor, that drives him to question everything he once knew.

Still thinking about it? Check out the dynamic trailer for TWO THOUSAND YEARS and enter the empire...

We will be celebrating M. Dalto this whole week!!!

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