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Low Energy Spells for the Smitten

Hey, Parliament Monsters & Readers,

Our Month of Charms is nearly over, and we still haven't given you a love spell! Regardless of how magical it may seem, True Love—yes, the Prince/ Princess Charming, swept-off-your-feet kind—works best when it's of free will. And I'm pretty sure you're a little tired of hearing my spiel on self-love advice.

Luckily, those hard-hitting enchantments aren't the only types of love spells out there. There are other, more subtle ways to show a person you care besides uttering those three words.

"Have a good day."

"Drive safe, buckle up."

"Here's a great book from The Parliament House. Thank me later."

Here are a few easy rituals that you can perform for a friend, crush, other half, or anyone you want to set positive intentions upon.

Low energy spells for the hopelessly smitten:

- Incorporate ground cinnamon when cooking them breakfast, provided there are no allergies. Put a dash in your waffle batter, sprinkle some over pancakes. Cinnamon, connected to the powerful element of Fire, is commonly used to invoke love, passion, and inspiration. It might just be enough to set your innermost feelings into motion.

- Enchant your dryer sheets to sprinkle a layer of good vibes over your and your family's clothes. No, seriously. Run the box of dryer sheets through incense smoke—or even better, a white sage smudge stick—and state what you wish upon the wearer. Your incantation doesn't need to be eloquent or rhyme, even. Something like, "Keep our family safe from all harm. Encourage us to be brave and kind, and help us to discern all that is productive from destructive. So mote it be."

- Make an amulet to place in your loved one's car for the drive to work, or their luggage when leaving for business. There are many a herb that aide in travel protection, but it's easier to use things we already have in the kitchen. You'll need a pocket-sized satchel or bottle, and a bay leaf, cinnamon, mint, sage, and table salt. Bay leaf for blessing, cinnamon for spunk, mint for protection against danger, sage to heal, and table salt to ward against negative magic. Crush the bay leaf and mint, and sprinkle a small amount of those and the other ingredients into your container. If you have thread or string laying around the house, you can tie it at the nape of the bag opening, or around the mouth of the bottle for extra luck—and if you have a variety of colored string, you can read about color representation magic here and choose an intention. If you are lacking one of these ingredients, substitute with rosemary or basil.

- Make tea for yourself and your loved one. Most commonly, green tea to settle the stomach, or black tea for a shot of energy. Add honey to sweeten the mood, and lemon to neutralize emotions. Offer milk to ground the drinker to nature, offer ginger to hasten your magical intentions. Add berries for abundance.

- If you want a small charm in your pocket to help with attraction, a piece of rose quartz will do! This stone helps with the attraction of people, finances, and luck overall.


It's surprisingly easy to incorporate magic in the home and hearth, thus making it super simple to help enchant the lives of the ones you love. It is one of the ways we witches show affection, after all. In the future, we'll be blogging up more ways to perform practical, household magic. We hope you had a marvelous Month of Charms!

Blessings, Peace, and Happy Casting.


The Attic Witch

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