Magical Timing & Days of the Week

First of all, Happy Equinox! As of this afternoon eastern time, our Northern Hemisphere is officially thrust into the floral, refreshing trappings of Spring. After such an arduous winter, this comes as a relief to many, including myself. Hello, sunshine and elemental magic.

Timing our spells and little enchantments isn't always necessary, and a witch certainly does not need any special timing; his or her power will infallibly come from within. However, sometimes our inner energies are zapped or preoccupied from a long week at work, or taking care of things around the house—just life in general. It happens right?

Planning out our spells by days of the week can be a fun, efficient way to ensure that our energies are at their fullest, and that our intentions and ingredients correspond to our daily needs for magic whenever they may arise.