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It's finally here! Readers of The Snow Spark Saga have been waiting patiently for the next installment, and today everyone at the Parliament House is pleased to celebrate the release day of STARS OVER ZEPHYR, by Kathryn Lee Martin which is available TODAY where books are sold online!!

With the Kingdom in chaos over her botched public execution, sixteen-year-old Rags has only one thing on her mind: survival. But that’s no easy feat with the Kingdom Corps chasing her, and every citizen wanting to cash in on the ultimate bounty. One place may offer shelter, though—Solstice, a lawless settlement where criminals go to seek refuge. Yet Solstice is anything but a safe haven. A professional bounty hunter prowls its seedy streets and a ruthless anti-Kingdom rebel group, known as the Supporters, are rumored to call this settlement home. Neither side is friendly to outsiders. Having fled with former second-in-command-turned-traitor, Henrick Oreson and former luresman, Colton Caelan Fieldson, it’s a chance Rags will have to take. Their options few, they must work together to survive a hostile new world while on the run, earn the respect of the Supporters, and regroup against the Kingdom. If they fail, civil war among the settlements will rage Kingdom-wide. If they’re successful, it could mean a chance at revenge against Hyperion and his cruel Threshing Floor, and the possible opportunity to take back their Kingdom once and for all…

🌚 Check out the stunning book trailer for The Bone Roses, book one! 🌝

We will be celebrating Kathryn Lee Martin and her journey for the next week via blog tours & take overs. Be sure to keep your eyes on Facebook for all the planned stops!

And don't forget, THIS WEEK, we've reduced the price on books one & two in The Snow Spark Saga, for all your binge-worthy reading!

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