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4 Ways to Invoke Your Magic

It's easy to aspire to attain the perfect witchy balance, where our herb pantries are super organized and our Grimoires are filled to the brim with spells that work instantaneously. But reality is, we can't all be Winifred Sanderson. Life and the floating energies of the universe—much like radio static—can get in the way sometimes. Here are four witchy, simple ways to invoke and inspire your magic when things are beginning to feel mundane.

1. Do something for yourself. Something simple.

Sometimes our separation from magic can be due to one's separation from self. Draw a bath surrounded by candles. Snuggle up with a blanket and a book, or watch a movie that you enjoy alone. Recharging is great for the soul.

2. Observe the phases of the moon.

Especially for us beginner witches, a lot of our waxing and waning of personal energies may depend on the moon. Tune in to your cyclic nature by researching it's phases if you're unfamiliar, and taking a peek outside every couple of nights. The new moon encourages us to reflect on our intentions, while the waxing moon wants us to take subtle actions to plant the seeds of those intentions. And when the full moon hits, that's when we often perform our most powerful, passionate spells or rituals. Lastly, the waning moon sets a time for us to let go, cut ties which no longer serve us, and expel any negative energies picked up along the way.

3. Ground yourself in nature.

This one is so easy and nice to do after a long week. Head to the park, or even to your front yard, and walk barefoot in the grass. Sit in it, lay in it if you please, but walking does plenty and is most effective. Your feet serves as your personal and direct connection to the earth and its elements.

4. Spend time with your witchy friends.

Nothing quite as creativity-inspiring as recharging and exchanging energies with like-minded individuals. Get together for brunch with your witchy pals, exchange ideas about crystals, spells, light work. Keep any judgements and trash talk out of these conversations, and work with positivity only. And if you don't have any witchy friends? Go make some!


Remember, there's nothing wrong with needing to take a breather. Recharging your powers is something that comes along with using them, after all. Meditate, reflect, and shift your perspective from time to time. It's good for your powers, and lightening for the soul.

As always, happy casting!


The Attic Witch

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