5 Writing Prompts to Awaken Your Craft

It is no secret—you're a witch. Or at least a budding one. That's why you're here, right? The lure of magic and the metaphysical has called out to you since you were a child. Even when others dismissed the notion of magic as a figment of the imagination, you've never doubted that there are enchantments all around us: in the Arts, in nature, and in intention.

Writing is one of the most effective and simplest ways to draw strength through the evocative energies of raw emotion. Communication, in both the written and spoken word, is exponentially powerful. A quick free write in the morning (or whenever your creative energies are at their peak) is the perfect way to set intentions for your day.

This being said, here are five journaling prompts to help inspire ideas for your newest incantations, writing or painting projects, and any other illumination your creative, spooky endeavors may require.

1. What is your favorite flower or plant in nature, and what is it's magical correspondence? Where in the world is it grown, and how has it been used medicinally by our ancestors? Is it safe to consume orally? How can it be used to heal?

2. What is one wish you have for your future? What does five years down the road look like to you? What does it smell, feel, taste, and sound like? Describe it in detail, from your first perspective. Now, at the bottom of the page, describe one short term goal, and one long term goal that you intend put into motion in order to attain that future.