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Magical Musts for Traveling

On most North American university and community college schedules, Spring Break falls between February and Mid-April. And, as expected, summer is also one of the heaviest windows for travel. It's the time of year when most of us are either booking their vacations, or at least considering it. Whether you're planning to jet to Maui, Key West, or driving a few hours to see family, it can help to come prepared—magically prepared, that is. Here are some of our witchtips for an overall smoother trip.


It might benefit you to quell those pre or mid-flight jitters with some meditative exercises. You're probably rolling your eyes as you read, but you do have time, even in the midst of the airport hustle and bustle, trust me! Prior to leaving home, create a playlist on your phone—download the songs on iTunes, or use your Spotify account to download and "store" them in your app so you can access them with or without wifi. There are many guided meditation tracks on either; I also like to look up instrumental mediation tracks with Tibetan gongs, or nature sounds. My personal go-to when flights get sketchy (or the car we're traveling in becomes too cramped) is a separate mindfulness app, called 10% Happier, which was developed by a broadcast journalist who began having panic attacks live and on-air. And, if meditation isn't your thing, no biggie; you can always do the same, but with your favorite calming music.


Carrying crystals to act as a travel talisman is something everyone can and should do. There are stones that can help soothe nerves, claustrophobia, and motion sickness. You can stick a couple into your pocket, but here are a couple of my favorites, often found made into fun and reasonably-priced jewelry to wear on your person:

~ Opal or Blue Opal is a spiritual stone that can help release any kind of stress.

~ Moonstone has been coined "The Traveler's Stone" in northern folklore. It is most beneficial when worn on your body, and is known to effectively protect the wearer.

~ Amethyst is a great healing stone, and should be used when your travels include visiting a place of personal spiritual significance, a remembrance, or past pain.

~ Wear an Aquamarine ring or necklace if your trip will include traveling over water, or any water sport activities.

~ Lapis Lazuli helps neutralize any struggles with motion sickness or vertigo.


In the same way as meditation, mantras and affirmations can help quell your anxieties when you start to feel a little panicky. Recite a positive affirmation in your head. They can be so simple.

We are safe.

I am happy.

People do this daily.

The flight (or drive) is part of our trip, rather than a precursor. I'm having fun flying (or driving) as well.


We hope these helped calm your traveling jitters. Flight and sailing anxieties are some of the most common phobias in the world, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in admitting that.

Happy Spring travels and Summer planning, and as always, happy casting.


The Attic Witch

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