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Pink Moon Card Reading

Hi Parliament Monsters!

The Pink Moon (or Growing Moon) took place last Friday, on the eve of April 19th. Coined by Native Americans as the moon that marked the sudden bloom of pink-petaled wildflowers and shrubbery, the cycle of the Pink Moon brings the flourishing of Spring to our magic and inner workings.

I chose to do a reading with the "Universe Has Your Back" deck by artist, writer, and Light Worker Gabby Bernstein, because of its refreshing collection of positive, growth-encouraging affirmation and prayer.

Please, witches, keep in mind that this is a general reading meant to provide guidance to us as a collective. This particular reading is not based on astrology, but rather what the Universe would like to share with the reader at this time.

Take from it what you will, and let the information and advice soak in during this week's meditation or moment of quiet.


Even as adolescents and adults, we often seek direction in the most uncanny of places. In our parents, our partners, in society and social media. We develop idols whom we want to emulate. This perfectly normal, but there is a fine line between seeking healthy direction, and letting these oftentimes random energies lead us. We should be more aware of how we have done this in our pasts, and how it ended up influencing our present—did it work? Has it affected your life positively? Should we have listened to our gut instinct instead of doing things the way someone told us to? When presented with tough life choices, easiest way to discern which path to take is to see which source of information resonates with your own beliefs. Tap into your universal knowledge‚ your higher self, and avoid being blindly led. Know that not everyone with advice to shell out has the best intentions for you. As cheesy as it sounds, listen to your heart. Surround yourself with those who make positive influences and who you know love and care for you. You are more qualified to make executive choices for your life than you think!

It is no surprise that life can get a little overwhelming at times, especially in the middle of the work week. Have things been weighing heavy on your conscious? Is there a disagreement that remains unresolved? In relation to our last card pulled, you may be at a crossroads and need some help. Oftentimes, the answers to these burning, innermost questions are also within. You may already know the answer, and maybe it isn't what you wanted to hear. That's perfectly fine. Speak to the universe and your guides, or your ancestors if you will. If prayer or religion isn't your cup of tea, you can still ask for guidance—and it will still come. Meditate with some gentle music. Put your crystals out. Close your eyes and focus on your diaphragm as you breathe; ensure you are breathing from your chest, and not your shoulders. Unclench your jaw, quiet your worries, and listen.

By now, I can guess that the theme of this month's reading is a need for eventual growth. We are on the cusp of transition; Spring, after all, is the season of blooming. And sometimes the result of that metamorphosis isn't flowery and delicate—as much as it is something furious, cunning, and brave. People don't change under repetitive circumstances; we mold under pressure. If there's a step you're afraid to take... What's stopping you? Oftentimes, our biggest obstacles are our minds, the anxieties and all the what-ifs. Life waits for no man—or woman. Take the opportunity. Apply for the position. Send the text or love letter. Submit the manuscript. If you're afraid of failure, don't be. Rejection is simply the universe's way of saying, "not yet." But you won't know if it's time, if you don't try.

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