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5 Essentials for When the Coven Hits Convention

By now, the season is in full swing. Cue summer solstice, BBQ weekends, and airline travel—not to mention that ridiculously high pollen count. It's also the time of year that there seems to be a fan convention happening every other weekend.

Whether you're heading to San Diego Comic Con in July, or Manhattan's BookCon coming up in a week, there are a few essentials—both witchy and mundane—you'll want to bring

5. Sharpies and Pens: Though it might seem trivial, a Sharpie is one of the most important things to bring in your convention arsenal. Bring your classic black ink marker, or opt for one of the fancier metallic versions; they are a must, simply because you never know when you might come across a celebrity willing to give you an autograph on the spot. These are also great to have if you need to write random notes or booth numbers on your programs.

4. Sunscreen: With the number of giddy attendees flocking to these fan conventions, it's likely that parking will be a distance away from the actual convention center. On top of this, certain events and signings might take place outside, or you might just want to step out and take a break from the crowd. Slather that SPF on to protect yourself from those UV rays.

3. Tourmaline stones or jewelry: Black Tourmaline can be found at most metaphysical stores, in the form of loose, raw stones or a cute ring or necklace. In tune with our Root Chakra, Tourmaline protects one's energy on all levels, which is useful for any witch or empath attending convention, or any event dealing with large crowds.

2. Food and Drink: Besides making sure to eat every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, stock up on some water bottles (or electrolyte drinks) and protein bars. It'll be really easy to forget to take care of yourself when you're frantically seeking out your favorite author or celebrity—trust us, we know. But eating and drinking is key to having energy for all of that. With your main meals, try to opt for something light but protein and veggie heavy. Empty calories and too many carbs might make you feel sluggish. Bon appètit.

1. Portable phone charger: Bringing a portable charger is a must these days. We communicate, jot notes down, and work from our mobile phones. You never know if you'll need to snag a quick photo of (or with) the cosplayer you've been dying to meet, not to mention it'll get messy if you and your coven members have dispersed and need to find each other again!


These are only a few items we recommend bringing on your person for the convention days; of course, there are other important items you shouldn't forget for both leisure or safety purposes: an extra phone charger and charging block, cash, deodorant, immune system vitamins, and maybe an extra carry-on for all of your merch purchases for the trip home. While traveling with to meet people or alone, make sure family and friends know where you'll be at all times and it wouldn't hurt to download a safety app or two, or to know the safety or emergency mechanisms on your mobile devices.

A group of our very own Parliament House Press team and authors—including Girl Boss, Parliament House founder, and Of Light And Darkness author, Shayne Leighton—will be attending this year's New York BookCon, at the Javits Center June 1st-2nd. Remember to stop by booth #2913 and say hello to everyone!

Happy conventioning and cosplaying—and as always, Happy Casting, witches.


The Attic Witch

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