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Book Trailer: Meatspace, by Asa Tait

Hey Parliament People,

Here's the official trailer for Asa Tait's upcoming sci-fi thriller, Meatspace, releasing on September 10th, 2019!

"Eternal life Inside is a digital paradise if you can make rent. Jim Chord can’t. He already sold off the last of his childhood memories. The love of his life has ghosted him. He has nowhere left to run. When a trillionaire goes missing, Jim has one last shot to track him down and earn a reward that will keep him Inside forever. But the magnate seems to be dead, and that simply doesn’t happen. Not here. Not to someone with money. The solution to this impossible mystery can only be found on the Outside—the grimy, blood-soaked physical world that Jim had happily forgotten. Now he must face the people and sensations he’d abandoned in a world where nothing is free and death is very real."

Be sure to add Meatspace to your TBR list on Goodreads now!

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