A Witchling's Guide to the Retrograde From Hell

Just kidding—saying it's from hell is probably bad karma, not to mention a little dramatic. But, all in all, it's no secret that 1) Mercury is in retrograde right now, and 2) this one's a doozy.

As we covered back in May (Holy Retrograde!), the reason this one is so crazy is because, in actuality, there are five planers in backspin mode.

You read correctly. Five. We might've since forgotten, but Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn have been in retrograde since before summer started, and won't spin direct until early Autumn.

Speaking of drama, leave it to this month's Mercury retrograde to turn up the theatrics and melodrama. Spanning from July 7th to August 1st, Mercury takes a long journey from it's position in Cancer over to Leo, then back from Leo to Cancer once more.

Confusing? Let us explain in Muggle terms. The planet Mercury reigns over all communication skills. Cancer is a careful, mute planet; it enhances our most guarded selves, making us almost secretive and wary to communicate. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Leo—fiery, vivacious Leo, who loves drama and making everything from her triumphs to her grievances known to the world and anyone who'll listen. So, if you've been wondering who stole the heck your internal mood and moderator, leaving your emotions heightened and unstable... It was Mercury, yet again.