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  • Alice J. Black

FACING THE TORMENT Release Week: The Beginning

When Peyton made up her mind about wanting to open up a business to hunt ghosts and protect

people, she was off to a slow start. She spent time looking for things that could indicate ghostly

activity and ended up going to The Grand Hotel where she was met with a couple who were on the

opposite side of the scales to each other where she was concerned. She found herself not only

fighting to rid the spirit but fighting for acceptance and respect.

Now, after a newspaper article that almost had the hotel going down the drain, they revisit the old

haunt for a night away and an interview with the couple, Nick and Jenny.

If you fancy picking up The Beginning to read now, just click here.

The Grand Hotel, run by new owners Nick and Jenny, is now thriving after a shaky start to the

opening of their business following a death and then an attack on a local businessman.

After being invited to spend a complimentary night at the hotel, I am pleased to say I feel refreshed

like never before. The staff are attentive, the food delicious and the bed like a dream.

I interviewed the couple in the delightful reception room over coffee.

“Thank you for inviting me to stay at the Grand Hotel.”

“We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay,” Jenny gushes.

“It’s been beautiful and certainly one I’ll recommend. The meal last night was divine.”

Nick blushes. “I try my best.”

“It was one of the best dishes I’d ever tasted.”

“Thank you.”

The couple are clearly happy and managing their accomplishments well.

“Tell me,” I start, setting down my cup. “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing here, has it?”

The couple of share a look and something passes between them.

“We had a bit of a rocky start,” Jenny admits. “But we overcame that quickly.”

“That was with the help of Peyton Blaine, self-titled ghost hunter. Is that right?”

The couple share another look, one filled with anxiety.

“We did yes. Peyton helped us to cleanse the hotel of its former residents,” Nick tells me.

“Ghosts.” I put the word out there.

Nick is about to respond when Jenny wraps her fingers around his knee. “We like to think of them as

memories of long-term residents.”

“Is it right that Vic Reeves was attacked in the hotel?” My sources tell me that the local business man

suffered for days after the attack before making a full recovery.

“He was hurt, yes, but he is still a staunch supporter of the Grand Hotel and of Peyton,” Nick adds.

“Tell me about Peyton. It’s important for local businesses to support each other in a small town like

this.” I take another drink of the amazing brew.

“Peyton,” Jenny speaks with a smile. “Is a very passionate young woman, with a heart of gold who

will do everything she can to help. God knows what we would have done without her.”

Nick squeezes her shoulder.

There you have it. A family run establishment, a beautiful hotel and a recommendation for a ghost

hunter should you ever need one.

This has been Maria Embleton, reporter from The Daily Fallbury.

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