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  • Alice J. Black

FACING THE TORMENT Release Week: Shadows At Starlight

Roman Spearman was an odd sort of man, a manager at the Starlight Cinema, focusing on the darker

side of the movies. He asked Peyton to help him when a film he’d purchased and begun showing to

some macabre fans turned out to be haunted, bringing spirits into his cinema and chasing it’s

patrons away.

Olivia hates the idea of this case from the beginning but she never falters and sticks by Peyton’s side

all the way through in their last time working in the field together. Officially, anyway!

A new employee has joined Roman today to ask him for some advice and to ask about what really

happened in the cinema when Peyton Blaine visited…

Pick up your copy of Shadows at Starlight to experience the cinema in the darkest way possible:

“Peyton? You’re asking me about Peyton?” Roman shifts in his seat. The glare from the computer

screen highlights his cheekbones in blue, the darkness beneath casting his eyes illegible. Give him a

cape and he’d really be playing the part.

“I have a problem, Roman. I think there’s something going on in my flat. It feels… anyway. It doesn’t

matter how it is. You used her, didn’t you?” Dale shifts uncomfortably in his chair. He’s an employee

of the Starlight, has been for the last three months and has become closer to his boss that he

would’ve cared to admit.

Roman crossed one leg over the other then folded his hands together without averting his gaze.

“That’s right. She came to help us out. Her and the assistant, Olivia.”

“What happened?” He leaned forward. “I mean, I’ve heard the rumours and I’ve seen the articles

online but tell me, like, what really happened.”

Roman stared, unblinking. Dale thought Roman might tell him to get lost. Instead, he finally opened

up. “I came into possession of a haunted film which, when played, brought spirits into the Starlight.”


“Peyton and Olivia came here to watch the film and once it became apparent the issue was actually

the haunting of the house, they went there. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know what happened out

there but when she came back the issues with the spirits had stopped and she charged me a small

fortune for the pleasure.” His lips pursed together.

“But it worked, right?” Dale was practically on the edge of his seat.

Roman sighed. “Yes. I was rather dubious about contacting Soul Seekers in the first place. I mean the

Starlight is founded in darkness and it felt wrong to be chasing something like that way. It wasn’t the

fact that I was scared, but the patrons were and the cinema was going to be driven into the ground if

I hadn’t acted.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“What happened when they came out of the film? That’s what happened, right?”

Roman nodded, unfolding his arms. “Whenever the film was playing there were shadow-like things

that came out of the screen. At first, I thought it was a trick of the light, that people were lying about

it for the thrill you know. It wasn’t until I saw it for myself that I realised how true it was.” He


“But you did it for the patrons, right?” Dale raised his brow.

“Yes. For them.” Roman nodded and straightened in his seat, puffing out his chest.

Dale grinned. “You got her number?”

“Not off hand.” His lip twisted. “I believe there is a website.”

“Thanks.” He stood up. “Oh and Roman?”


“Is she hot?”

Roman grumbled and turned away.

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