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  • Alice J. Black

FACING THE TORMENT Release Week: Murder on the Sapphire Bay

When Peyton and Olivia take a weekend away to have a break and spend some time together that

doesn’t involve hauntings, especially after Olivia’s last experience at the Starlight, they get more

than they bargain for on the Sapphire Bay. It’s not just a murder mystery game when one of the

women on board is brutally murdered by a spirit who threatens to go after Olivia. Peyton has to do

everything she can, enlisting the help of Jake who she first met in The Manor Hotel in The Leak of

Madness, to put a stop to the threats once and for all.

Pam, who was the host for the weekend, has never looked at the entertainment industry the same

way again, promptly changed careers. But the experience of the Sapphire Bay never left her and now

we join her for a coffee and a trip down memory lane…

Join Peyton and Olivia as they step on board the Sapphire Bay:

Shaking her head, Pam stares into the distance. Her coffee sits in front of her on the table, steam

rising into the air. It has been a long time since she’s been able to come back here. It has been on

her mind almost constantly, the incident of that weekend, so solidly engraved in her mind she

sometimes wonders if she has PTSD.

A man walks past, the sound of his shoes tapping against the concrete, rousing her. She looks up

and, as if it’s standing right there in front of her, she sees the Sapphire Bay on the tracks, motionless,

beautiful and terrifying.

Shuddering, she looks away, taking a sip of her coffee, strong and bitter. It’s grounding.

She wasn’t kidding when she talked about changing her career. She’d gone from the entertainment

industry where she rode the rails and spent most weekends away to a static office job a fair distance

away from the train station.

She thinks about Peyton a lot. The girl who stepped on board and without whom, the whole

weekend could have ended a whole lot worse. She’s even looked her up. Soul Seekers. That’s the

name of her company. She tracks ghosts and gets rid of them.

Linda’s face flashes in her mind now. The dead woman. She saw her body for nothing more than a

few seconds but it was enough to sear the image in her mind.

Pam takes another sip, forcing the image away. The memories of the night are back in full force now,

flashing by in a succession of images until finally she is submerged entirely.

The movement of the train. The ruck of the wheels on the track. The annoying boy. The group of lads

with the good looking one—Jake. Olivia, terrified and wide-eyed. Peyton, scared but confident and

laying herself on the line. The blackout. Jake heaving the axe down on the gun. The interrogation.

Handing in her notice. Relief.

Her phone rings. Pam answers. “Yes. No problem.” She glances at the gold watch that glints on her

wrist. “I’m finished my lunch anyway. I’ll pick some up.” She stands, pick up her cup and dumps it

into the bin. “See you soon.” She hangs up the phone, gives the train tracks a final glance and turns

away, putting the Sapphire Bay and that whole weekend out of her mind for good.

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