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Fantasy Foodie: Klaus' Crepes, by Chantal Gadoury

One of Klaus' favorite things to make in the morning for himself and Aurelia (despite Adelais' disapproval), are his crepes. There is nothing better than the wonderful aroma of fresh crepes in the palace of Saarland der Licht. Prince Klaus would like to share his recipe with all of you! (And if you love it, be sure to share your creations!)

Prince Klaus' Crepes (A Real "Gadoury" Recipe)

1 Cup of Flour

3 Eggs

1 Cup of Milk

1 Tbsp Sugar

1 Tsp of Vanilla

Dash of Salt

1 jig of Cognac

Let the mixture sit for 1 hour. And then cook like pancakes. (But keep it thin!)

I hope you enjoy this wonderful morning delight!


Read Allerleirauh, by author Chantal Gadoury!

"A beautiful princess must escape one treacherous vow…

And she must do so alone… without a prince to save her.

Princess Aurelia is bound to the wicked king of Tranen by her mother’s single, dying wish: He must remarry a woman who possesses her same golden hair.

But Aurelia has magic on her side. Disguised by a cloak made of one-thousand furs, she escapes into the night with only memories of her sordid past and her own will for freedom.

But after finding safe haven in the beautiful kingdom of Saarland der Licht, will the secret of her identity be compromised when she captures the attention of the captivating Prince Klaus?

Allerleirauh is a retelling of the classic Grimm fairy tale that takes hold from the first page until the end! If you’re a fan of retellings by Marissa Meyer, you’ll love Allerleirauh!"


Amazon Best Selling Author, Chantal Gadoury, is a 2011 graduate from Susquehanna University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing.

Since graduation, she has published "The Songs in Our Hearts" with 48Fourteen Publishing, and “Allerleirauh” with Parliament House Press, with future titles to follow. Chantal first started writing stories at the age of seven and continues with that love of writing today.

Writing novels for Chantal has become a life-long dream come true! When she’s not writing, she enjoys painting, drinking lots of DD Iced Coffee, and watching Disney classics. Chantal lives in Muncy, Pennsylvania with her Mom, Sister and furry-‘brother’ (aka, puppy) Taran.

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