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New 2020 Acquisitions

The Parliament House is pleased to introduce to our readers these new incoming titles for our 2020 queue: Jason Tanamor

The Vampires of Portlandia

“Vampires of Portlandia” is an urban fantasy novel about a family of Filipino vampires that immigrates to the weird city of Portland, Oregon, only to discover that there are other breeds of monsters living amongst them. The novel is complete at 78,000 words and will appeal to fans of the “Twilight Saga” and the television show, “Grimm.”

Nick Evans


Jackson Crowe is dead.

Or, at least he was. After the tragic assassination of his fiance and himself, he awoke in a space of vast whiteness. There, he meets the Higher Beings: Usra the Creator, and Azazel the Ender. Together, they are in control of the North-Lane that carries the consciousness of mankind, known as Dusts, from the earth and through the universe after death. For Jackson, however, they offer another afterlife. They bestow him with the title of the Order of Dust, with the task of finding the Dusts that did not pass through the North-Lane and instead still inhabit the earth. These Un-Ascended take possession over human hosts, and they are Jacksons targets. He has assistance in the form of a young boy possessed by the Dust of a century old man from London, and one of Usra’s guards, that were once known as Angels, each of which carry their out hidden motives. Now, along with these unlikely allies, he is on a mission to find the Un-Ascended who took the life of his love, while discovering more about the darker side of the world he now finds himself a part of. Armed with only two pistols; one for humans, and one for demons.

Nick Vossen