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READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Count the Rain by Kathryn Lee Martin


Read the firs three copies in THE SNOW SPARK SAGA:


Tracker once told me that you never hear the shot that kills you. I’ve never asked just how he knows this information, but as the bullet zips past my upper left shoulder, I’m pretty sure I can hear the pistol that fired it.

That’s their first mistake.

I’m on my feet in one fluid motion, heels digging against the cobblestone path as I lunge across the open space between us and the man with the pistol before Colton can stop me. Surprise tinges his awful gray eyes as my left arm knocks aside the pistol before it can be fired again. My shoulder rams his, the

force carrying both of us off-balance.

We hit the ground in a mad scrambling of hands and legs, each trying to grapple with the other for control of the weapon. A snarl rips from his lips, the scar across his cheek prominent with the evil leer in his eyes. His fist comes up and slams against my jaw. Blinding pain washes across my face but I don’t let go of his wrist.

The pistol falls from his hand and lands on the ground. Before I can make a grab for it, he deliberately kicks it out of range. It skitters into the snow by the bookery’s wooden sign.

From the corner of my eye, I see Colton cuss and run to retrieve the pistol, no doubt determined to put a stop to this fight before one of us gets killed.

My assailant rips his wrist free from my grasp and swings at my face. I’m faster, dodging the strike and rolling to the side. The man scrambles to his feet, his blue and gold cape covered in snow and mud, hair disheveled, and a snarl on his lips. He towers over me and reaches for something on his belt: a wicked-looking serrated knife.