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The Parliament House Fall 2019 Preview

Books Coming Soon...

More magic is making its way to our storefront this Fall and we can’t wait to share with our readers what the Parliament House has in store. Here we’ll provide you the ultimate tome, whereupon our next amazing titles have been listed in our special Book of Shadows. From Sci-Fi thrillers set in a digital paradise, to summoning demons while studying for magical finals, our Fall line-up has it all.

Here’s what’s coming...


By Mckayla Eaton

Follow Eaton in her debut novel about demons and a school for magic. More mature than Harry Potter, this story is about boy-meets-girl in the most unusual way. Demons abound and in a life-threatening, fast-paced world, Alton and Reagan must not only pass their magical finals—but learn to work together, or else be trapped for eternity together in an alternate realm. Summon your own magic with Alton and Reagan on September 3. COMING SOON!

Pick your poison:


By Asa Tait

What is life Inside a digital paradise worth to Jim Chord? Debut author, Asa Tait, pulls us into a world that escapes reality. For lovers of Ready Player One, this new novel tugs at the part in all of us that seeks escape from reality; but for John Chord, the Outside is much worse than you can fathom. Enter the digital realm and live immortal or go back to the world outside, where nothing is as you remember? The choice is yours on September 10, 2019.

Pick your poison:


By Celia McMahon

A princess and a wolf. One without a voice and the other, the only way to cure it! First in a fantasy-packed trilogy, McMahon makes her presentation into this new court for the first time with The Parliament House on September 17th. Equally as imaginative as it is supernatural, this fantasy novel will bring you right into the heart of conflict as Princess Isabelle “Izzy” must decide whose side she is—and whose life is worth saving.

Pick your poison:

Alex McKenna & The Geranium Deaths

By Vicki-Ann Bush

A new LGBTQ+ novel by debut author, Vicki-Ann Bush. The occult is following Alex McKenna, a transgendered male, and he’s taking it all in stride. Between his senior year of high school, the love of his life, and speaking with the dead; he has a full schedule. But there’s something disrupting his peace, and murder is making mayhem. Step into an empath’s shoes with The Parliament House on September 24.

Pick your poison:

Marrow Charm

By Kristin Jacques

What happens to humanity after the Third Reich opens the Gate to a realm of magic and spilled out into the world hungry creatures? It’s crushed. On October 1st, The Parliament House presents a new voice in Kristin Jacques. Get caught up in the chaos and face the impending perils of a decimated society. Where magic is a plague, Azure “Azzy” Brimvine must brave the chaos Above in order to save her infected brother—before he’s used to open the Gate.

Pick your poison:

To Wake the Dead

By Sarah Lampkin

Have you been a Dead Dreamer since the start of this series? Get back on track with Brenna in Sarah Lampkin’s second installment of this exciting series. Nephesburg College is calling and dorms are filling up fast, so pick up your ‘Welcome’ packet on October 8th with The Parliament House. Classes are starting soon, Brenna’s battlefield is waiting, and the fight for the Fade is sure to be a wild and thrilling read.

Pick your poison:


By D.M. Siciliano

What does IT and Stranger Things have in common? Kids riding around on bikes, doing what most adults would never dare. On October 15th, come Inside and have a seat. Navigate an impossible room that shifts and changes, but avoid the shadow in this haunted home; or else be burned right down to the bone. We know you’ll want to settle down and snuggle up by the fire, because things are sure to heat up in a big way when Alex, Reid, and their friends make their way onto the pages in this debut novel by D.M. Siciliano.

Pick your poison:

An Unholy Magick

By Kali Rose Schmidt

Being gifted with the given talent of murder isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. And yet, maybe it is. For an assassin in a Kingdom where a tyrant king commands with a non-magical reign, Elena is faced with forbidden love, painful loss, and a growing war. Do you want to possess the magic to make it through this first in a series by Kali Rose Schmidt? Pick it up with The Parliament House on October 22nd.

Pick your poison:

Dark Consort

By Amber R. Duell

The Nightmare Realm is waiting for Nora--and you--in this second installment in The Dark Dreamer Trilogy! If you’re following this series, then you know that Nora is not long for the waking world when the dreams are calling. Lull yourself back into this fantasy when it comes to The Parliament House on October 29th. If you’re new to this series, get started with Duell’s first book, Dream Keeper, available now!

Pick your poison:

The Call of Death

By R.J. Garcia

The brilliant and the bold, R.J. Garcia is back with another thrilling title. What if you woke up one day divined with the knowledge of your pending death? That’s what Hanna Priestly must face, unless she can take the reigns and change her grim fate. Travel to sunny California with Hannah and her mother as she’s left alone at a boarding school, haunted by dark visions. As if being a teenager could get any worse, right? Answer the call on November 5th when this title releases.

Pick your poison:

Mark of the Empress

By M. Dalto

Watty Award Winner, M. Dalto, returns to us on November 12th with her next big release in The Empire Saga. Fans of Two Thousand Years are no strangers to the Empire, and when Alex is pulled back to the world from which she came, it’s going to get prophetic. A two thousand year old prophecy fulfilled, and unknown ramifications, plus an unexpected trip back to Boston; the Empress must return and reclaim her Empire. Start with M. Dalto’s first in this series, available now, before the second books hits our shelves.

Pick your poison:

Veiled by Desire

By Candace Robinson

Unlike most, Robinson’s Laith series needs no continuity. First in her series, Clouded By Envy, can be read alone as this new release can be read without having picked up the first. We still recommend it though! Veiled by Desire is a dive back into the world of Laith, only this time, there are curses that need to be broken and a terrible, and uncontrollable monster living within one of our heroes. Seek out the extraordinary on November 19th when this title releases.

Pick your poison:

This Will Kill That

By Danielle K. Roux

From the author of August Prather Is Not Dead Yet, this upcoming series is all about monsters, terrible secrets, and color-coded turf wars. Another LGBTQ+ novel with a colorful cast and a truly epic story. Which faction will you choose when the world you know is inhabited by monsters and wayward spirits? Learn what it means to be a leader of the Green, or a runaway from the Blue. This novel releases on December 3rd. Will you be there to find out about the Plague and the secrets of its brutal past?

Pick your poison:


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