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  • Amanda Wright & Chantal Gadoury


Time for some make-believe “Movie Magic”!

While we were writing The Shrike and the Shadows, we had a clear image of our characters. While we were writing, we came up with character boards for each one. The actors we chose are who we had in mind as the story unfolded, which was amusing to us for some. So, in a perfect world where all books are made into movies and slammed on the big screen for millions to see, here is our dream cast:


Played by Tom Holland

Tom is a starlet. As Spiderman, he’s amazing! I feel like he would do well in a more serious role, and Hans is a dark, and somewhat damaged character. I would have a lot of fun seeing him play an anti-hero or someone you wouldn’t necessarily root for.


Played by Imogen Poots

For me, I liked Imogen just as a face model. Chantal pointed out to me that she was actually in 28 Weeks Later, and then I immediately recognized her. Seeing as she’s already been in some pretty dark films, like the aforementioned and Green Room, I think she would have no problem slipping into our heroine’s shoes.


Played by Aidan Turner

Obviously, he’s the perfect pick for our burly man! I loved him as Kili in The Hobbit and I know him also as Poldark. He has the look and the acting capability to come off as broody, but romantic. Chantal will tell you that he’s her favorite. We could not fan-cast a better Barin, in my opinion.


Played by Sir Ian Mckellen

A kindly old man, but stern all the same. We wanted someone who could communicate that particular character on-screen and it was easy to see that Gandalf -- excuse me, Sir Ian -- was the best choice for Brugg. In fact, he could just transfer his performance as the famous wizard from Lord of the Rings right into our own story.

Father Emory

Played by Gethin Anthony

I loved Gethin in Game of Thrones. He had a look of boyish innocence about him with his big brown eyes and soft face. To me, he was the only real choice for our Father Emory. When I made his character board, I knew it had to be the guy that played Renly...because, who else?


Played by India Eisley

Alda is tricky. She plays a minor role, but is still important to the story. For her, I imagined someone cherubic, like Holland Marie Roden. However, Alda is young and she needs an actress who can display that physically in presence and performance. So, India Eisley is the perfect actress to play our Alda (shoutout to Erica, our editor, for giving us such a great recommendation!).

The Shrike


Faceless. This character, much like The Blair Witch, needs no actress on screen to make her presence known. She is everywhere. She is the woods. She is the shadows creeping along the ground. Our Shrike needs no face to make you feel terrified of the things you fear the most.

Bonus: Papa (Hans & Greta’s Father)

Played by Isaac Sirko

This one is also for Erica! I don’t think we had anyone in mind to play the father to Hans & Greta. He plays a minor role (smaller even than Alda’s), but any mention of him should illicit some warmth and familiarity for our two main characters.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our cover release on Friday, September 6th!

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