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AUDIOBOOK ALERT: Hook & Crown, by Nicole Knapp!

Back in June, author Nicole Knapp swept us—and an unsuspecting girl named Elena Hart—away to Neverland, paying enchanting homage to J.M. Barrie's early 20th century novelization of a play about a boy who refused to grow up.

The Parliament faeries were able to obtain some autumnal pixie dust, and *poof*, just like that, Hook & Crown is now available in audiobook form.

You can listen and in join Elena on her adventure on Audible, or pick it up in paperback on Amazon!

In addition, we're currently in the process of scheming up a blog tour for Knapp's audiobook. Potential bloggers and reviewers, please be on the lookout for more details from us very soon.

Hook & Crown, by Nicole Knapp

"It's not always easy to tell

the heroes from the villains."

You've heard of Neverland and its inhabitants... fairies, pirates, mermaids, and a boy who didn't want to grow up. But you can't always believe the stories.

Elena Hart arrives in London, bound for a new boarding school operated by her estranged uncle. A fresh start is exactly what she needs. But when strange things begin happening, things she can't explain, she begins to wonder if she has lost her mind... until the night a strange girl appears in her room, claiming to be a fairy from Neverland come to take her to the fantasy world at the request of its ruler.

Skeptical, Elena refuses. But the following night, a young man with strange green eyes appears, and though she tries to resist his charms, something about him draws her in, and Elena is whisked away from the world she knows, to a world she always thought was make believe.

When she arrives in Neverland, it is nothing like the stories—and Elena realizes that she must figure out for herself who the true heroes and villains are.

To celebrate Knapp's audiobook release, our Blog Maven has drafted a truth elix—we mean, has had the honor of interviewing author Nicole Knapp...

How long have you been writing, and what is one piece of advice you’d give your younger writing self?

I have been writing for my whole life basically, but really started taking it seriously only a few years ago!

What’s the last book that made you laugh? Made you cry?

Last book to make me laugh was Let It Snow.

Last book to make me cry was Shatter Me while I re-read it.

How did publishing your first book change your view or process of writing?

It made me realize just how unorganized I actually am when I write, and that it is something I really need to work on.

As writers, we're often forced to “Kill our darlings,” as William Faulkner so poignantly advised. What’s something you edited OUT of Hook & Crown?

I edited out a huge scene between Aiden and Elena that probably should have stayed because it showed a lot of the charm and power he held over her and the island itself.

What was your hardest scene to write?

The hardest scenes to write were the fight scenes. I had never really written any kind of action scene or fight before and it was a challenge.

If you could say one thing to J.M. Barrie, what would it be?

Thank you for creating such a fantastic world for people like me to escape to and recreate again and again.

What does the story of Peter Pan mean to you?

The fact that Peter doesn't want to grow up, or be an adult in any way, but manages to fall in love with Wendy is always what gets me. It makes me think that despite your deepest desires and aversions, love will always find a way, no matter how hard you try to force yourself not to feel.

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