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  • Michael Feeney


Greetings, dear reader. It is I, Michael, your neighborhood Parliament House PR rep. The bunker is so very dark; I can barely see SL and CG. I hear footsteps above. The walls are closing in. Please, dear reader. I implore you to indulge me as I share a tale to pass the time, for I am ever so alone.

By approval of The Parliament House Press, I present to you…


It was a day. A typical day for the young publishing house. Press releases were written, Instagram stories posted, books worked on. This publishing company is just a little off-kilter in the best of ways. A secret society theme was to be their game, one which they were more than ready to play.

One member of the publishing house, who shall be hereby referred to as Deanna, or “D” for short, decided today was the day. Finally it was the day to share her knowledge with the world. A blog post was placed on the company’s website for all to see, revealing her knowledge of the (in)famous Skull and Bones secret society… perhaps it was not so secret anymore. Partnering with a powerful half ooze/half seagull mage named Goo-Gull, D “blew up the spot” (as the kids say) of numerous prominent S&B members. Presidents, even!

Her poor, naive publishing house. They were so excited by D’s post. Why wouldn’t they share it? Rave about it? Even, say… tweet about it? Little did they realize that this simple action changed the course of their company, FOREVER.

Enter Lee. A person with intimate knowledge of her own regarding the Skull and Bones.

Lee, you see, stumbled across this tweet. She commented on it, sure. Even said it was excellent. “What an excellent post!” she said. D’s publishing company had a breakdown. Pure joy. To engage the attention of Lee was something to celebrate.

Until it wasn’t.

Astute tweeters should have been able to read between the lines. To know what happened next. Oh how this all could have been avoided.

“wHat an ExceLLeNt pOst!”

Hell no.

With those two words hidden deep within her tweet, Lee had thrown down the gauntlet. As things stood, Lee herself had been doing research on the Skull and Bones over the past few years. She even took Goo-Gull into her employ for historical purposes, for Goo-Gull knows all.

Dear reader, I’m aware that this sounds like a simple story of envy. I can assure you this is not the case. For you see, Lee was simply trying to protect her family- her elite family. Yes, it is true; Lee was a Member of the Order herself. Had been since university.

It happened in a flash.

D had disappeared. Other members of her publishing house cried out in horror. Police reports were written. More blog posts were published surrounding her whereabouts. Just where was the Parliament blogger?

Little is known of of Deanna’s fate. Rumor has it she ran off with Lee into the underground to meet with other Skull and Bone members, perhaps to join the club. Some say she went rogue from the publishing house to join a wandering group of nomads under the pseudonyms Jim, Ken, and Char. Others say she was pushed into writing about the Skull and Bones by a conniving member of her publishing house looking to take over the blog. He is thus far hidden away and remains nameless.

One thing is for certain regarding Deanna’s fate.

I can attest to it—it is safer down here in the dark.

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