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HAPPY COVER REVEAL DAY: Sarayna's Fate, by M. Dalto

Back to the Otherrrealm we go... Days ago, bestselling author M. Dalto brought us back to Queen Empress Alexstranya's world in the highly-anticipated Two Thousand Years sequel, Mark of the Empress. Today, we're thrilled to reveal the cover of book 2.5 in the Empire Saga, novella SARAYNA'S FATE.

Here is the striking cover!

Coming on February 18th, 2020!

"No one said being a princess would be easy."

What do you think of this cover?

"No one said being a Princess would be easy.

Especially when the Prophecy that was supposed to send Crown Princess Sarayna down her predestined path was torn asunder on the day of her birth. With little to go on, and not much left to do, Sarayna must move onward with the support of her family's insight to complete the tasks that have been lain out for her in order to restore order to the Empire that is her home.

But where does she even begin?

Sent back to her mother's Otherrealm, Sarayna must use her wit, her cunning, and most of all, her magic to find her Emperor, return with him to the Empire, and renew her Prophecy before time runs out, but without a Dream to standby, she could be sent on a fool's errand that would send all of them into the clutches of the relentless Borderlands."


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