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Buck a bankrupt hitman with a roleplaying addiction, is murdered during an assignment,

he’s pretty damn sure he has a one-way ticket to the fiery pits of Hell. Luckily, Death needs a

serious vacation and is looking for an intern. Death, the dry-humored, micromanaging boss that he is pushes Buck to his limits to see if he is the right guy for the job when it comes to taking out

anyone stupid enough to cheat fate, leading Buck on an electrifying journey that includes

adopting a werewolf, getting caught up in a supernatural civil war and hunting the notorious

bloodsucking John Dillinger, all while Buck tries to stop smoking.

Buckle up, and prepare yourself for Justin Alcala's A DEAD END JOB, coming to The Parliament House in 2022!


Justin Alcala is a novelist, nerdologist, and Speculative Literature Foundation Award Finalist. He’s the author of three novels, including Consumed, (BLK Dog Publishing) The Devil in the Wide City (Solstice Publishing), and Dim Fairy Tales (AllThingsThatMatterPress). His short stories have been featured in dozens of magazines and anthologies, including "It Snows Here" (Power Loss Anthology), "The Offering" (Rogue Planet Press Magazine), and "The Lantern Quietly Screams" (Castabout Literature).

When he’s not burning out his retinas in front of a computer, Justin is a tabletop gamer, blogger, folklore enthusiast, and time traveler. He is an avid quester of anything righteous, from fighting dragons to acquiring magical breakfast eggs from the impregnable grocery fortress.

Most of Justin’s tales and characters take place in The Plenty Dreadful universe, a deranged supernatural version of the modern world. When writing, Justin immerses himself in subject matter, from stuffy research to overseas travel. Much to the dismay of his family, he often locks himself away in his office-dungeon while playing themed music over, and over, and over again. Justin currently resides with his dark queen, Mallory; their malevolent daughter, Lily; evil squire, Ronan; hellcat, Misery; and the hound of  Ragnarök, Fenrir. Where his mind might be, though, is anyone’s guess.

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