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ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Fearless Stars, by Celia McMahon

Unspoken Trilogy author Celia McMahon is back with a brand new project set in a society where god-like entities oversee all. The temple servant Ally and military officer Marcus are brought together by fate, and must fight for survival after a brutal attack on the capital of Sundria, Dowling City...

Ally must navigate their magic-seized land to protect her younger sister and their two friends, all while hiding the fact that she's been Holy-touched. Marcus is the heir to the throne, but when the king and his fiancee, the princess, are declared dead, he's set on a path to find Ally. Celia's FEARLESS STARS tells the tale of five misfits thrown together amidst war, love, and chaos in this Final Fantasy-inspired (SQUEAL) YA novel, the first in a planned duology.

After the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Ally vows to join the temple to serve the Holies-god-like beings who protect Sundria. But during one last excursion on the summer of her seventeenth year, the capital, Dowling City, is brutally attacked and the king and one of her best friends, the princess is declared dead. She and her two friends, Brenna and Lizbeth, and her little sister escape the devastation only to find themselves on the run and unsure whether their families are alive. Or who to trust. Left with only one goal-to keep her friends and sister alive-Ally’s seemingly ordinary life takes another abrupt turn when she discovers that she is suddenly Holy-touched and in a magic-seized land at war, it is another thing she must keep secret.

Marcus is the would-be-king and military officer, set to marry the princess of Sundria when he finds himself barely escaping the destruction of Dowling City. Gravely injured, Marcus places his focus on who is responsible for destroying his home—his own father. But his plan does not include meeting four orphaned girls on the run. Realizing now that he is the son of a traitor, he adopts a fake name, vowing to avenge the king and princess’ life.

Ally and Marcus find themselves at the center of a great war. With Marcus as the sudden face of the rebellion and Ally as one of the last Sars left, they discover that they’ve thrust themselves into becoming something more than what they had once seen themselves to be. As the battle to retake Sundria grows nearer, Ally learns that to become a Sar and help her people, she must dedicate her life to the Holies, completely and fully, which means never seeing her family again. Marcus must lead a rebellion and learn that there is more to living than dying. If they both fail, the land of Sundria and its people may fall forever.


About the Author:

After spending her childhood longing to step foot in Narnia, Celia McMahon now loves to write about insufferable protagonists who need to get their lives together or doom entire kingdoms. No pressure. She grew up in Massachusetts, only to move to Washington State, then Georgia, Italy, and back to Washington where she now resides with her son, three pets, and many, many books. If she’s not busy buying more books than she can read or discovering new ways of being tired, you can find her scouring the world army-wife style for book ideas.

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