• Brianna Sugalski

ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Fearless Stars, by Celia McMahon

Unspoken Trilogy author Celia McMahon is back with a brand new project set in a society where god-like entities oversee all. The temple servant Ally and military officer Marcus are brought together by fate, and must fight for survival after a brutal attack on the capital of Sundria, Dowling City...

Ally must navigate their magic-seized land to protect her younger sister and their two friends, all while hiding the fact that she's been Holy-touched. Marcus is the heir to the throne, but when the king and his fiancee, the princess, are declared dead, he's set on a path to find Ally. Celia's FEARLESS STARS tells the tale of five misfits thrown together amidst war, love, and chaos in this Final Fantasy-inspired (SQUEAL) YA novel, the first in a planned duology.