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ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: In the Dark of the Moon, by Kassandra Flamouri

Chrysa Markou has known for her fourteen years in America that her parents had left Greece for her safety. After they perish in an accident and her carefully laid plans for a bright future are lost, she has no choice but to return to her mystical origins. At the mountain village, Chrysa is met by quite the welcoming party: a handsome Seer, creatures from Greek folklore, and a terrifying witch.

Find out what else awaits in Kassandra Flamouri's IN THE DARK OF THE MOON, coming 2022 with The Parliament Press!

Chrysa Markou has known for years that her parents left their home in Greece for her sake. She resolved long ago make them proud: she would win every race, ace every test, get into a top college, and become a doctor. But when her parents die in a fire, she finds all her carefully laid plans in disarray. Seeking an escape and a fresh start, Chrysa returns to the mountain village she hasn’t seen since she was an infant.

There, she learns the fire that killed her parents was no accident and that her mother’s ghost lingers between life and death while their murderer remains at large, waiting to strike at Chrysa and all they hold dear. With the help of her own earth magic and a host of creatures from traditional Greek folklore, she must uncover the mystical identity of their killer. Chrysa must come to grips with the fact that making her parents proud might mean embracing the magic within her and forging her own path...

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About the Author:

Kassandra Flamouri made her storytelling debut at age three with “Squirm the Worm,” which was warmly received by an audience of assorted beetles. After many years spent exploring a variety of interests, she went on to study music composition at the Sunderman Conservatory of Gettysburg College. She currently resides in Pennsylvania, moonlighting as a folk musician while juggling writing and teaching. Kassandra shares her heart and home with a very sweet and loving man, a very sweet and excitable cattle dog, and an only intermittently sweet, very old black cat.

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