ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: The Life-Giver, by Jase Puddicombe

We're thrilled to bring aboard our second acquisition of the publishing season! Nottingham, England-based author Jase Puddicombe arrives with a riveting tale of heartwarming friendship, familial love, and disabled representation. Lyam and Annelie's adventure is set to publish in our Spring 2022 season.

In an underground city where it's sin to see the sunlight, Scribe Lyam and his Dreamer live vicariously—and perhaps symbiotically—through each other. While Lyam is terrified of the world but experiences it through reading, Annelie communicates with the Life-Giver through her dreams, leaving her spent and disabled. When the Dreamers are unexpectedly attacked, Annelie senses the assaults are from within their city, leading Lyam to a most shocking discovery...

The Life-Giver, by Jase Puddicombe</