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ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: The Listener by Annie Lisenby

It is with great pleasure that we announce the acquisition of The Listener by Annie Lisenby into The Parliament House Press. In a story grappling with personal trauma, community ostracism, and personal growth despite daunting odds, the reader will follow Els and Samuel as they navigate the dangers of vicious feline beasts and an even more terrifying unwanted marriage. Keep an eye out for Annie Lisenby’s heart-felt young adult debut!


THE LISTENER by Annie Lisenby

Els never wanted to get married. She had a job protecting her village from the beasts that attacked from the forest at night. It gave her purpose, and love had no part in it. Then she got sick and lost much of her hearing. Being forced to choose between banishment or marriage, Els married a stranger from across the island.

The girl Samuel loved abandoned him when an injury left him with a mangled foot. He ran away to marry a stranger to escape living under his father’s unreasonable expectations. Never again would Samuel be the great hunter and leader that his father wanted.

When vicious, feline beasts kill Els’ friend, the villagers cower in fear. Els jumps at the chance to join the hunt. But it means sharing a journey with a husband she never wanted. Together with a small team, they set off into the forest to hunt every last beast. Battling unexpected adversity, Els and Samuel learn to adapt to their new disabilities. More importantly, they learn to listen with their hearts in matters of love and survival.


Annie Lisenby lives in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri where she teaches theatre at the local community college. With an MFA in theatre, Annie has taught and performed professionally and is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild. As an author, Annie writes freelance for the local interest magazine. She is a member of the Missouri Writers’ Guild, the Joplin Writers’ Guild and SCBWI. She has won multiple awards in local contests and has been published in the Joplin Writers’ Guild Anthology and in Chicken Soup for the Soul. When not writing and teaching, Annie can be found reading and exploring nature with her husband and two children.

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