• Brianna Sugalski

ACQUISITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Usher House Rising (Madeline Usher, #1), by Don Roff

"Meet the family that puts the fun in dysfunctional."

-Don Roff, Clare At 16, Usher House Rising

The Parliament House Press's king of suspense—and upcoming teen slasher Clare At 16 author—Don Roff returns to present a Poe-inspired retelling of isolation, familial treason, and creeping madness. Mads Bland has graduated high school and her boyfriend has broken up with her; life is bleak, she can't afford college and her foster mother is passed on.

When she receives a letter in the mail, everything changes: Overnight, Madeline is the beneficiary to a dilapidated mansion in small town Georgia. She is also a catch, apparently, attracting the attention of farm boy Liam Delaney. But, most shocking, lovely, and perhaps dangerous of all... She's also twin to Roderick Usher.