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Blog Takeover: M. Dalto, Author of the Just Released THE DARK QUEEN

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

In celebration of yesterday’s release of the final installment in The Empire Saga, THE DARK QUEEN, we are delighted to feature a blog post from the author, M. Dalto. Stay tuned, because at the end you will find the details to an exclusive enamel pin giveaway!

Without further ado…


This time of year is very reflective, and not only because there’s a book release on the horizon.

Seven years ago, I considered writing a full-length novel with its only inspiration being a somewhat unknown Billy Joel song that resonated with me ever since I was a teen.

Four years ago, I was fortunate enough to sign with The Parliament House to publish that book.

So what happened in-between?

A lot.

The three-more-novels-and-four-companion-novellas kind of a lot.

So how did you get here?

I never started to take writing seriously until I was in my thirties, and even then, I never considered being published. It was always something I did just for fun, even when I was younger. I remember keeping diaries when I was little, journals when I was older, and when my best friend and I used to play pretend and create imaginary worlds, I was the one that would always record our adventures so that we could read them later.

So, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that, when I was in school and doing well on my papers, I discovered that I may have actually had talent. Of course, those papers were ones that I had waited to write until the night before they were due with the good fortune that, whichever way I was able to weave my words together, it was enough for me to earn high enough grades with minimal effort. Not that I would condone the habit nor is it something that I encourage…but I digress.