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BOOK TRAILER: Blood and Brume, by Maki Morris + AUDIOBOOK UPDATES

Happy Hump day, pledges and ghouls!

Today, we've got a stunning book trailer by Maki Morris, for her supernatural tale of hideaways and ghosts, BLOOD AND BRUME. Set to release next week Tuesday, February 4th, this ghost tale of redemption follows sixteen year-old Ellie Porter after an attempted assault, and the chaos that ensues after her friend, Sam, brings her to a Victorian-style abandoned house to take shelter. The house turns out to be haunted—and, well...

We'll let Maki fill in the rest...

Preorder your copy of Blood & Brume today:




Blood and Brume, by Maki Morris

Sixteen-year-old Ellie Porter is done with life.

When one of her mom's boyfriends tries to rape her, Ellie runs away, determined never to return. But Sam, Ellie's only friend, is not about to let her end up another runaway living on the streets.

He takes Ellie to an abandoned house, the perfect hideout, or so they think until a series of frightening experiences cause Ellie to regret ever stepping into the house in the first place.

She is consu