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COMING TUESDAY: Lexan's Dream, an Empire Saga Novella by M. Dalto

Lexan was the Crown Prince of the Borderlands, a title and position forced upon him out of vengeance and spite. While growing up, he knew no better--groomed and trained to achieve what none from the Borderlands had accomplished for centuries. Even after the Queen Empress's return to the Empire, his desire to maintain his own line ran deeper than blood, and his ambitions surpassed even those of his father.

At least, until the dreams began.

Now, Lexan must decide which path he will follow—the one that leads him to his fated power and glory, or the one that brings him to the love he deserves and the family he's never known.

Dive into the gritty world that author M. Dalto has created in Lexan's Dream (An Empire Saga Novella), coming to bookstores January 26, 2021! Pre-order your copy TODAY!

Each of the four, REYLOR'S LAMENT, TREYAN'S PROMISE, SARAYNA'S FATE, and finally, LEXAN'S DREAM, weave seamlessly with their longer counterparts in The Empire Saga and will keep you gripped to the edge of every page.




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