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COVER REVEAL: A Girl Called Monster by Paige Lavoie

Debut author Paige Lavoie electrifies bookshelves with an exciting new novel—A Girl Called Monster—a contemporary, gender-bent Frankestein retelling.

Dive into the gripping world that author Paige Lavoie has created in A Girl Called Monster, coming to bookstores March 14, 2023! Pre-order your copy TODAY!


Monnie was born into darkness, and in darkness is where she is destined to stay. She knows what she is—an experiment, and nothing more; a secret to be kept safe in the cellar where she was created. Her only home is made of stone walls, and her only friends are Victor, the charismatic young scientist who gave her life, and his kind assistant, Igor.

But when Monnie discovers there is an entire world outside, one full of color and beauty she’s never known, she realizes her home isn’t a home at all—it’s a prison.

So, she does what any prisoner dreams of.

She escapes.

In this heartbreaking reimagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a girl who was once seen as nothing but a monster must learn what it truly means to be human, and how far she is willing to go to take control of her own life.


Paige Lavoie is a writer, comic artist and self-proclaimed queen of silly faces, with a passion for bring her characters to life with the power of storytelling (including the undead ones) Paige spends her days hiding underneath a parasol in sunny Orlando FL. and frolicking through bustling convention centers, theme parks and farmers markets with her husband and their fluffy dog named Oliver.

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