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COVER REVEAL: Colossus by Ryan Leslie

We are thrilled to reveal this beautiful cover for this much anticipated dive into the unknown—COLOSSUS—by Ryan Leslie! Fans of the science fiction psychological thriller film SPHERE and ANOTHER LIFE will be captivated by Clayton West as he navigates loss, lies, and the perils of deep space.

Keep an eye out for this exciting exploration of space, what it means to be human, and the mystery at the heart of world altering secrets coming to Parliament House on November 15, 2022! Pre-order your copy NOW:


For fans of the science fiction psychological thriller film SPHERE and ANOTHER LIFE.

Economics professor Clay West has always explained the world through the lens of his profession. But after his girlfriend Carla takes Dying Wish—a drug that supposedly reveals the nature of reality moments before it claims your life—Clay is devastated. None of his mathematical models can explain Carla's actions.

Distraught, Clay joins a mission into the dark emptiness of space. But when the ship begins to malfunction, Clay and the surviving crew members suspect there's more to the mission than they've been told. They've been lied to, and they're drifting into dead space.

Clay's memories of Karla haunt him even more than the ship's chaos, and there's something wrong with his memories: he has too many. The ship's Al tells Clay his false memories are a normal side-effect of hibernation, but to Clay, the memories suggest something far more insidious.

He's been on this ship before...


Ryan Leslie oversees research for a large health system, where making stuff up is generally frowned upon. His creative outlet has always been writing fiction. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, children's author Lindsay Leslie, and their two sons.

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14 de mai.

This Geometry Dash much-anticipated dive into the unknown promises to captivate readers with its blend of science fiction, psychological thriller elements, and gripping storytelling.

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