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COVER REVEAL: The Ender (The Weaver Trilogy #3) by Heather Kindt

Laney and William return in the final installment of The Weaver Trilogy! Standing on the edge of reality...don't fall between the lines!

2021 will kick off with the release of the third book in Heather Kindt's trilogy: THE ENDER comes to bookshelves in January!

Most villains meet a likely doom by the end of their book… most villains are not Enders.   Now with the power of the codex, the Wanderer sends most of the Golden Recluse into their books, and Laney must rush to save them from the their own writing. With William, she crosses the page into a horror novel filled with bloodthirsty birds, a romance paperback where, to their dismay, they become the main characters, and a children’s picture book that’s not as innocent as it seems. And with each second that passes, the threat of the Wanderer’s pen threatens to be the end of the Weavers.   With everything at stake, Laney realizes that she’s part of something bigger, and it all comes down to a choice that the Wanderer has always wanted her to make: Will she save the man she loves, or the family she’s only just discovered?

And don't forget to grab book one: The Weaver

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