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COVER REVEAL: The Life-Giver by Jase Puddicombe

Happy cover reveal to author Jase Puddicombe for THE LIFE-GIVER! Follow Dreamer Annelie and Scribe Lyam as they team up with a curious man to fight against the dangers that their council poses. Race against time with the trio to save their underground city before it's too late!


The Dreamers are untouchable. They are protected by the Sun God who speaks to them through their dreams: The Life-Giver. They live away from society and are only seen by their Scribes.

But now someone—or something—has begun attacking them.

The Council tried to place the blame on the Life-Giver, but Dreamer Annelie and her Scribe Lyam know better. They learn that danger is buried deep in the heart of the Council itself, threatening their peaceful way of life for good.

Forced to team up with Enoch, a mysterious man who talks in riddles, the trio must race against time to save their underground city from corruption—before their world crumbles around them.

Fall into the world of Dreamers and Scribes that Jase Puddicombe has created in The Life-Giver, coming to bookstores March 29, 2022! Preorder your copy TODAY!

Jase is a queer, chronically ill writer who spends most of their time under a pile of blankets with a cup of hot chocolate.

Always a lover of fantasy, they have been writing since they were able to hold a pen and daydreaming for even longer than that.

Their biggest dream is to own a small colony of cats. Jase can usually be found playing piano, having a scoot in a local nature park on their mobility scooter, or scrolling through twitter.

Jase lives in Nottingham, England with their partner Charlotte, who is also their full-time care taker.

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