DEAD DREAMER Series Author Sarah Lampkin On Social Media

Where did you find your last book?

Barnes and Noble?



Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, social media has been expanding, growing to a point where we're all glued to our phones. Most of us can't go longer than a few days without logging into some sort of social media app. Facebook brainwashed us from the start!

And as it's grown, so has the book industry. No, I'm not talking about the popular books you see on magazines or television. I'm talking about the books coming straight from the authors themselves. The ones who don't have a huge platform to show you their soul on paper.

Many indie/self-published authors have taken to using social media to advertise their work to potential readers. As a species, authors have a tendency to stay hidden in the shadows as they publish, hoping someone will one day notice. Knowing that, it's difficult to be noticed without a marketing team.

So, time to change up some habits. Some have thrown away their shyness and overall fear of cameras to scream, "HEY WORLD! I WROTE A THING! LOOK IT!