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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: Blood Vow (The Gate Cycle, #3 by Kristin Jacques

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Happy cover reveal to author Kristin Jacques for BLOOD VOW, the third book in The Gates Cycle Series! Return to the world of monsters contorted by magic and the enigmas that surround Azure Brimvine as she navigates an unknown world and the godlike beings that threaten everything she holds dear. We can't wait to get a glimpse at the answers to the mysteries that have shrouded Azzy's journey since she left the Below.

BLOOD VOW is out February eighth two-thousand twenty two! Pre-order your copy today!

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The Parliament House



For her brother, Azzy braved the untold dangers of the Above, both the wild and the civilized. But in the city of Avergard, the siblings were pulled into the machinations of a scheming Lord, and a disaster of world ending proportions.

A city under siege

The slumbering Children of the Gate have risen, and their hunger is insatiable. The foundations of the Avergard quake as the eldritch born creatures of the Gate nip at their borders, held at tenuous bay by the various powers of the Lords and the mentally revived Armin. It will take the cooperation of enemies and allies alike to stall the advancement of the Children, but the House of Lords knows their combined might will not last forever. Armin must pull together the broken strands of his psyche to follow the fading connection to his sister, who may have the solution.

Beyond the Gate

Nothing prepared her for this; the world beyond the Gate is vibrant, beautiful, and deadly. Azzy does not stand on these strange shores alone, followed by Kai, the mettle of their bond tested at every turn as they contend with the denizens of this new realm. Azzy knows she must find a way home, before all she holds dear is consumed but first, she and Kai must survive and outwit the one who followed them through the Gate.

Haven't yet explored this gripping world of monsters and magic? Pick up your copy of the first novels in The Gate Cycle Series, to begin your adventure—now available on Kindle Unlimited!



The Parliament House

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