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HAPPY COVER REVEAL DAY: Saint of Pain (Vile Sacraments, #2), by Kali Rose Schmidt

Happy Friday, pledges and ghouls! Today, we're thrilled to reveal the cover of book TWO in Kali Rose Schmidt's Vile Sacraments series, SAINT OF PAIN. In an enticing follow-up to last year's An Unholy Magick, we rejoin the gifted assassin, Elena, and the broken prince's descent into madness...

Begin with book ONE, An Unholy Magick!

Saint of Pain (Vile Sacraments, #2), by Kali Rose Schmidt

Across Angular, a cult is growing in number.

Inside the Vasile castle, a prince is losing his grip on reality.

And buried beneath them both, an assassin with a broken heart struggles to find her own sanity.

A war is brewing across the continent of Terra, dark, ancient magick begging to be unleashed.

Religious factions splinter amidst the rising tensions, and two kings grappling for control use their own people as pawns in an unholy game.

In the second installment of the Vile Sacraments series, Saint of Pain follows Elena as she takes a daunting journey to stop the darkness spreading across her home, and inside her own mind.

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