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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: Magissa by Kassandra Flamouri

After fourteen years in America, Chrysa Markou returns to her native village in the remote mountains of Greece an orphan. Crushed by grief and plagued by feelings of estrangement from her family, she feels like an alien in a new world. Nonetheless, she is hopeful for a fresh start.

Despite her best efforts to move forward, Chrysa finds herself beset by vicious gossip, family secrets, and a magical heritage that could derail the future her parents wanted for her. To make matters worse, the one responsible for orphaning Chrysa has returned to unleash a reign of terror over her new home.

With the help of a handsome but cantankerous Seer and a pair of burly guard dogs, Chrysa scrambles to protect her village from an onslaught of dark creatures commanded by her parents’ murderer. As the noose of malice draws tighter, Chrysa must grapple with festering doubts. Is she the true cause of the carnage?

Triumph over evil seems worth any cost, until it threatens to unravel everything Chrysa believed she was fighting for.

Immerse yourself in the magical world that author Kassandra Flamouri has woven, blending family narrative, cultural heritage, and the ever pressing journey of finding oneself. MAGISSA is out on August 23, 2022 and is available for preorder wherever books are sold!


I started writing seriously in 2015, though I probably should have realized a lot sooner that I was meant to be a writer. Even as early as kindergarten, I struggled to pay attention in class because the outside world was just not as interesting as what was going on in my head. By that time, I had already made my storytelling debut ("Squirm the Worm," delivered at age three) and had spent countless hours playing make-believe with my 284 stuffed animals, every one of whom had a name and detailed backstory.

Though I quickly learned to pay attention (or at least look like I was paying attention) during school hours, I retained a tendency to daydream and a love of stories. When I left high school to attend the Sunderman Conservatory at Gettysburg College, I learned to translate both emotional and programmatic content into music. Now, as an exam prep and college essay tutor, I have the time and flexibility to really dig into fiction again. My work has appeared online and in print in such venues as Timeless Tales Magazine and Quantum Fairy Tales.

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