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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: Order of Dust (For Humans, For Demons, #1), by Nicholas J. Evans

Happy Friday, Patrons of Parliament and most ravishing ghouls. We're excited to head into the weekend, but not before we leave you with author Nicholas J. Evans' marvelous cover!

When Jackson Crowe finds himself at the crux of the afterlife and beyond, the higher beings present him a choice: to continue on into North-Lane to see what else awaits, or to return to earth and claim revenge on whoever—or, whatever—stole his and his beloved's lives. The choice is usually easy.

Jackson Crowe is dead. Or, at least he was. After his death, he awoke in the North-Lane and found himself at the crossroads of life and the beyond. The higher beings gave him a choice: move on, through the North-Lane and into the universe for your next chapter. Or, return to earth and claim revenge. Now, Jackson is known as the Order of Dust, with the task of hunting the ones who take possession over human bodies and return them to the higher beings. Jackson, both grizzled and pained, looks to find who took his life, and the life of his love.

To do this, he will need his two pistols; one for humans, and one for demons.

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